Carrie has been accompanied by her husband Jimmy who has been playing guitar for over twenty years and is responsible for the programming and arranging of all their music.

Jimmy and Carrie have performed together for a number of years under the well known duo name of ‘Just Two’. When appearing together, Jimmy and Carrie offer a unique blend of live acoustic guitar and various multi-track keyboard arrangements.


With this versatility your ceremony will be enriched with beautiful music and song in whatever style you desire.


Your folk songs will be accompanied by the traditional live acoustic guitar, whilst your classical song will have the organ, piano or orchestral accompaniment, without the expense of multiple musicians.


More recently Carrie has also been accompanied on keyboard by Margarita Vilkoviskaia, who qualified from the Conservatory of Music, Kazakhstan.  Margarita performs regularly and teaches piano and music theory. 


Carrie also sings in ‘Our Lady of Good Council’ Parish Church in Ballyboden, and is accompanied by either Jimmy (Guitar) or Margarita (Organ).


If you have any questions please contact me and I will assist you for your individual needs.

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